Westgate Progress Update

Hi all, Scott here.

After my move out to the new Westgate branch  I think its time to share some of the progress the teams from Legacy Construction and StorCo have made.

From SpaceTo Jungle







Here we can see a before and after for the middle section of the complex all ready for the roof and insulation to go up. This may look a little bare at the moment but the team from StorCo will have it all fitted out in no time.

Door Colour Isles















This is some more pictures of the aisles and new door colors that you will find around the complex. As you can see the green really pops and when the lights go up its will be really bright and easy to find your way around. We are using a very well designed and very strong system that allows for each unit to provide maximum space and durability to keep anything in there safe secure and dry.


Fornt of house

The front of the building is coming along nicely, all the frame work is going up and we will soon start to see more of the finished result as the weeks go by.


As you can see we have been very busy making sure this is going to be perfect and something quite unique by the time we open.

To keep in the loop with all the building progress, door opening dates and much more be sure to watch this space.