Storage Units for Home

Home Owners

Quite possibly the easiest way to add a room or garage to your home Safe Store has what you need if you

  • Want to increase your usable space at home?
  • Are moving house
  • Cleaning out the garage
  • Kids are moving back home
  • Need space for your sports or hobby gear

We all want a bigger home with more space. Let Safe Store help you by looking after the things that you don’t need every day but still want to keep.


Whether you are between rentals or simply to help you rent a smaller space or store that fridge as your new flat already has one. Safe Store can help you with storage for homes in Auckland to keep your possessions and maybe even help you save money by only needing a smaller house.

If you are renting while you move or wait for a new home build or renovation then Safe Store can look after the non-essential items to save moving them around with you.


Has your family run out of room?

Have the kids come home to live again? What about your ageing parents? Have they moved in as well?

Safe Store has an answer for families who can’t fit everything into the family home.

Families use Safe Store to solve temporary home storage problems, like while waiting to moving into a larger home, as well as long term problems, using Safe Store like a spare room or a second garage. Whatever the storage problem your family has, you can trust Safe Store with your valuables.

Contact the team at Safe Store for all your Home and moving storage needs…