Warehouse, Commercial and Business Storage

Business and Commercial

Have you grown out of your warehouse? Or perhaps you don’t have enough stuff to fill one yet. Businesses use Safe Store for all sorts of reasons – file storage, furniture, dead files, excess stock, an office extension at a much lower per square metre rate than commercial or retail rentals. Whatever your reason, we have the solution to your businesses storage problem.


  • Files and business records
  • Excess stock or office furniture
  • Vehicles – Trailers, portable billboards, cars and trucks
  • Oversized or odd-sized goods
  • Christmas decorations
  • Promotional material and point of sale
  • Low cost additional space for a growing business
  • Samples for travelling sales staff
  • Shipping containers
  • “OPPORTUNITY MERCHANDISE” (Don’t let a great buying opportunity go to waste due to lack of space. Store until needed.)

Safe Store has spaces small enough for a few files and large enough for a whole office floor!

Contractors and Tradies

Is your business squeezing into your home space?

Have your tools, materials and your van taken over your back yard, your lounge or even the kid’s bedrooms?

Has your family had enough?

Don’t want to risk getting your valuable equipment and tools stolen from your vehicle or home?

If you answered yes to one or more question, Safe Store can help!

It’s the perfect solution for the tradesman whose tools, materials and van simply won’t fit at home or at your current location any more. You may not need an expensive factory or yard; you could benefit from the convenience, safety &%box backgroundcolor=”” shaYou can come and go as you please, day and night. Pick up your gear any time in the morning and drop it back to your unit at night – no hassle.

Importers and Exporters
Temporary or long term storage only 3 minutes away from Auckland International Airport.

Safe Store is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as a Registered Transitional Facility for Container Unpacking.

We can also provide you with container inspectors should you need a Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Approved Person.

Safe Store Public Storage has conveniently located branches in Auckland New Zealand. Our self-storage spaces come in many sizes. From small cupboard-sized units for storing a few boxes to warehouse sized units, you choose … and pay only for the space you need.

Safe Store provides all you need for your storage and packaging needs. We even have forklifts and drivers available at most locations to help with the heavy stuff.

Contact the team at Safe Store for all your Business and Commercial storage needs…