Boxes and Packing Supplies for Moving

Home Packs  are a combination of boxes packing materials and everything else you need to get your whole house safely packed and ready for moving and storing.

One Room House

1 Bed Room Packaging

  • 8 x Small
  • 5 x Medium
  • 2 x Large
  • 1 x Wardrobe Box
  • 1 x Kitchen Box
  • 1 x Packing Tape
  • 1 x Bubble Wrap
  • 1 x Blank news Print
  • 1 x Fragile Foam 2mm
  • 1 x Pens

Two Room House

2 Bed Room Packaging

  • 10 x Small
  • 7 x Medium
  • 3 x Large
  • 2 x Wardrobe Box
  • 2 x Kitchen Box
  • 2 x Packing Tape
  • 2 x Bubble Wrap
  • 2 x Blank news Print
  • 1 x Fragile Foam 2mm
  • 1 x Pens

Three Room House

3 Bed Room Packaging

  • 14 x Small
  • 9 x Medium
  • 5 x Large
  • 3 x Wardrobe Box
  • 2 x Kitchen Box
  • 2 x Packing Tape
  • 3 x Bubble Wrap
  • 3 x Blank news Print
  • 1 x Fragile Foam 2mm
  • 2 x Pens


This is intended to help you get an idea of whats needed when packing up a house. Using our packaging means it can be stored and transported easily for long periods of time.

We also stock TopUp packs for your extra few items. Ask one of our Storage Consultants for in store SPECIALS today.

TopUp Packs are a Small packs of convenience products to help get the last few things stored away safely.


TopUp Packs come in a few Sizes.


For your Home

Got things left over during packing or just having a spring clean then this is for you.

  • 3 x SmallTopUp Pack Home
  • 2 x Medium



For your Office

Time to clear out the office or the end of financial year strikes again we got you covered.

TopUp Pack Offce

  • 5 x Archive Box





For your Furniture.

Decorating, moving house or storing your goods till you need them, keep them dust free and ready to go with this pack.

TopUp Pack Furniture

  • 1 x Queen Mattress Cover
  • 1 x 3 Seat Couch Cover
  • 1 x Lounge Chairs




For your Convenience 

Have you missed something, Got your boxes but nothing else, Look no further everything you need is right here.

TopUp Pack Convinience

  • 1 x Clear Packing Tape
  • 1 x Marking Pens
  • 1 x Packing knife
  • 1 x Tape Gun
  • 1 x Bubble Wrap 5m roll
Boxes come in a range of sizes. All the boxes we sell are Double lined and designed for long term storage.

Small –

At 403 x 301 x 330 this small box is strong and compact, It is best used for heavier items or the last few things left in a room.Small boxMedium –

At 406 x 298 x 431 The medium box is Strong and the most common size. Being easy to handle and stack it is used for packing most items. Kitchen BoxLarge –

At 431 x 406 x 596 The Large box is handy for those bigger items and lighter things that need to be tidied away. Being double the size of the Medium box they stack well together. Large box

Kitchen box (with inserts) –

At 610 x 301 x 325 The Kitchen box is made for glasses bottles and other items found in the kitchen or dining cabinets. The insert is a cross section which adds support to the stacked items. For those delicate glasses try wrapping them in 2 mm Foam also. Kitchen BoxLong Oblong Box –

At  950 x 470 x 262 The Oblong box is great for those pesky longer items that don’t seem to fit anywhere. As with all our boxes it is strong and durable. Oblong BoxPort-a-Robe –

At 595 x 479 x 1106 the Port-a-Robe is one of our biggest boxes and makes storing your clothes a breeze. It comes with a Hanging rail for dresses and suits  and other clothes can be folded down in the bottom to make the best use of space. Port-a-RobePriority Box –

At 406 x 298 x 431 the Priority Carton is the same size as the Medium box and is best used for those items that always get lost in the moving process or the most fragile things that need to be handled with care. Priority boxArchive Box –

At 310 x 425 x 265 The archive box is the go too when clearing out the office of filing away business records. Archive Box

Padlocks come in 3 options.

Standard, solid brass and stainless steel coated shackle.

Strong, Reliable best used inside.Standard lock

Marine, Solid brass and Solid Brass shackle.

Secure and safe Best used for outside to avoid rusting. Marine Lock

Combination, Brass body and dials with a stainless steel shackle.

Ease to use and no more keys to worry about.

Combination Lock

Protect your furniture from dust of cover everything as your re decorating.


King Mattress –

Keep your Mattress dust free and ready too go when you take it our of storage.  King Bed

Queen Mattress –

Keep your Mattress dust free and ready too go when you take it our of storage.Queen bed

Single Mattress –

Keep your Mattress dust free and ready too go when you take it our of storage.single bed

3 Seat Couch –

This Cover will fit most 3 seat couches and keep them clean and protected.

3 Seat couch

Lounge Chairs –

The Lounge chair pack comes with 2 covers to help protect your favorite armchairs.

Lounge Chair

Dining Chairs –

These come in Packs of 2 so stacking is key then cover the lot.

Dining Chair

Vacuum bags Clothes –

Going over seas or storing your Winter clothes for summer. This space saver is a mush have.

Vacuum bag clothes

Vacuum bags Duvets –

Are Duvets taking up too much room in your closet. This will save space time and keep everything clean ready to go.

Vacuum bag Duvets

We have all the packing Essentials in stock ready for you.


Tape –

Extra strong clear adhesive tape. Packing Tape

Tape gun –

Make packing quick and easy.Tape Gun

Marking Pens –

Don’t forget whats in what and where does it go. Keep track  by labeling  each box. Marking Pen

Blank News Print  –

Good for wrapping smaller items and avoids leaving black print on your clean glasses. Blank news Print

Packing knife –

Packing or unpacking . . . . make it easy with.  Packing knife

Removals blankets –

Cover the valuables during transit to minimize damage or cover hard surfaces in your unit to stack goods higher.  Moving Blanket

Fragile Stickers –

Easy to identify and helps you or you movers know what to take care with.

Fragile Stickers

We have a wide range of stock to wrap and protect your valuables and minimize any damage in the moving process.


Bubble Wrap 5m roll –

Small and easy to use. Great for glasses, ornaments and other smaller delicate items. 5m Bubble Wrap


Bubble Wrap 60m Roll –

Full Roll perforated at 1m intervals wrap smaller and larger items or even your white ware.

60m Roll


Bubble Wrap Per/1m –

Available Per Meter for when you only need a little bit. 60m-1m Roll


Packing Foam  5m –

This foam is great for wrapping pictures, tv’s and other valuables to minimize damage in transport and storage.

5m Foam


Packing Foam 100m roll –

Full rolls are available on request. 60m Roll

Packing Foam Per/1m-

This foam is great for wrapping crockery, glasses, dishes and plates. Cut small squares between plates and bowls to avoid chipping.60m-1m Roll

Corrugated Card Per/1m –

Pictures, White ware or wrapping furniture this comes in what ever length you need.

60m-1m Roll

Safe Store is one of the friendliest and most experienced companies in Auckland when it comes to packaging supplies. We offer a wide range of packaging supplies to suit your every need. Our experienced staff are on hand to offer advice on the best packaging solutions for your home or business relocation. Whatever your requirement we are able to create a solution that ensures you  store your belongings safely and correctly.

Need some extra help regarding packaging? Let us know what you require and we will be happy to put together the right package than will be tailor made to your requirements. We are here to help you get it right first time.