Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are new to storage or a seasoned storer you are bound to have questions, and we have the answers. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us here and we will be happy to help.

Is your MPI Transitional Facility currently approved?2017-09-27T17:19:25+13:00

Yes all of our facilities carry an up to date listing and registration for MPI container devaning. To check this go to https://containerchecks.maf.govt.nz/ATFList.aspx and search by keyword. In our case use “Safe Store” and you will get the following response.

This ensures that you are only ever using an approved facility that is at current MPI standard requirements.

If your current facility is not registered or you just need somewhere that is to unload your containers we are here to help. We have MPI approved sites and staff and have the tools required, such as forklifts, to help you get the job done.

Contact your nearest branch today to book your container in.

Can I set up a work shop?2015-12-15T14:48:38+13:00

Unfortunately we do not allow this but we do have many businesses being run from our facilities so chat to your local branch to see how we can help you.

Do you have security cameras?2015-12-15T14:02:37+13:00

All our facilities have state of the art CCTV systems with recording and remote access functions to ensure that we know what is happening at all times so your items are safe with us.

Is there an electric fence?2015-12-15T14:01:04+13:00

All our branches operate a custom built electric fence system that is connected to a monitored alarm to help ensure the security of your items.

Do you sell packaging?2015-12-15T13:59:37+13:00

Our branches stock and supply a wide range of items to help with your moving and storing. Please see your local branch for advice and pricing.

What are your office hours?2015-12-15T13:58:22+13:00

Our offices are open and staffed

Mon 8.30am – 5pm

Tue 8.30am – 5pm

Wed 8.30am – 5pm

Thur 8.30am – 5pm

Fri 8.30am – 5pm

Sun 10.00am – 4pm

Public holidays 10.00am – 4pm

Do you supply a trailer?2017-07-04T13:14:45+13:00

Each branch has at least 2 specialty covered furniture trailers available to customers. These are available free to help you with your first move in and to rent after that.

Please be aware that our trailers are only available during office hours and for use in the Auckland region. They also only have 12v connections for lighting etc.

Do I need a Padlock?2015-12-15T14:46:49+13:00

Yes part of self storage is you lock the unit and keep the key. This ensures that only you or those with your permission can gain access to your unit.

We sell good quality secure padlocks that are designed to fit our doors and are available from the main office. You are free to bring in your own padlock, all we ask is that you make sure it is going to be good enough to help protect your belongings.

Can you help with a forklift?2015-12-15T13:40:00+13:00

Yes most of our facilities can offer a forklift with licensed driver to help with the heavy items.

Contact your nearest office to make a booking or find out more.

Can I unload my containers there?2015-12-15T13:38:40+13:00

Yes you can.

In fact we offer a full MPI service to help you with this. We can supply authorised people to oversee the unloading of imported containers and can even offer a forklift service at most of our facilities.

Contact your nearest office to make a booking or more advice.

What about moisture in the units?2019-06-18T09:04:55+13:00

One of the great things about a custom designed self storage facility versus stand shipping containers is that we have airflow built into the construction to ensure that any moisture is carried away and it also reduces condensation in our humid climate. One of the biggest risks of moisture is when you move in and the day has been very humid or worse raining. When this happens we suggest allowing your items to breathe for a while and then coming back to seal them up. We can also supply moisture absorbing packs to help get this under control. Please chat with our staff for more advice on how best to use these.

Are my children allowed on site2015-12-15T13:29:27+13:00

Yes they most certainly are.

All we ask is that you keep them supervised at all times and ensure that they do not wander around the facility. We do have electric fences and also cars moving around blind corners and we would hate to see them at risk of getting hurt.

Is there a contract?2016-09-20T12:24:08+13:00

Yes there is an agreement that we both sign that outlines the terms of your storage with us. This agreement is used as part of our membership of the Self Storage Association of Australasia.

Can I bring my dog or cat on site?2015-12-10T11:40:39+13:00

We love animals too but unfortunately not everyone else does, so we do not allow dogs to roam on on any our facilities either on or off a lead. If they are kept in your vehicle at all times while you are on site then that is fine. All we ask is that you consider their welfare while in the vehicle. Stay close to save them distress and make sure they have plenty of ventilation and fresh cool water. If we find an animal in distress and we cannot locate you to resolve immediately we will notify the relevant authorities. Like we said we love them too.

Is there anything I am not allowed to store?2015-12-15T13:25:10+13:00

While we do allow most things we do have a few rules that must be followed to help keep everyone’s belongings safe.

Things you must do

  • Empty fuel and oil from any motors such lawn mowers, weed eaters etc
  • Ensure any gas bottles are completely empty

Things you cannot store

  • Containers with Fuel or Oil in them
  • Explosives or chemicals
  • Firearms
  • Anything deemed to be illegal ie drugs, stolen goods etc
  • Plants or animals
What about security?2015-12-07T19:24:22+13:00

Firstly, the complex is totally enclosed within an electric fence and our computer logs every exit and entry by PIN number. This means we can always track the comings and goings of every individual who accesses Safe Store. There are also strategically located surveillance cameras recording all activities. The complex manager lives in a residence above the office, who regularly patrols the grounds and checks all locks to ensure they are secure.

How do I get access?2015-12-07T19:13:09+13:00

Each customer has a code number (YOU decide the number to use) which you use to open our security gate.  No swipe cards to lose!!! Simply drive in and use your padlock key to open your unit. Quality padlocks are available for sale in our office.

What about pests?2017-02-13T11:27:12+13:00

Each unit contains a special pest bait and is sprayed with a residual insecticide prior to each client moving in. We also have a general external pest control program in place. While this cannot guarantee absolute protection it does come very close. The highest risk to your belongings is actually bringing in the bugs or pests with your things so please pack carefully.

How do I pay?2015-12-07T19:13:09+13:00

EFTPOS, Credit Cards and cash payments are accepted, as are automatic payments from your bank. On line banking and a secure website payment option with your credit card is also available.  Your account is to be paid a full month in advance at all times. 7 days notice is required before moving out.

What size do I need?2015-12-07T19:13:09+13:00

We have 17 different sizes plus outdoor storage so you only need to pay for the space you require. And no wasted space is no wasted money! Our friendly, professional staff will help you to choose the size to best suit your needs.

Are my belongings insured?2017-02-13T11:27:13+13:00

It is important to remember that goods are stored at your risk. If your personal insurance policy does not cover the costs of goods in storage, we can arrange insurance for you. At this point in time we do not offer commercial insurance or vehicle insurance.  Your residential insurance costs you only $5 per $1000 of cover per month. You’ll find our rates VERY competitive.

Are there any hidden fees?2015-12-15T14:44:59+13:00

No. When you sign up with Safe Store you sign an agreement that outlines up front all fees that might apply to your stay with us. Some of these may include;

  • Admin fees – this covers off the setting up of your agreement
  • Late fees – if you are late with a payment then depending on the situation you may be charged a late fee
  • Tailgate fees – we take our, and your, security very seriously. Part of this is making sure that we restrict entry to the facility to only those that are supposed to be there and also asking you to stop inside and outside the gate while it closes to stop any unauthorised people following you in.
What if I need to move out early or later than planned?2015-12-07T19:13:09+13:00

The wonderful thing with storing at Safe Store is you choose your billing cycle. While most people choose monthly we do have shorter and longer term options available. If you need to move out before the time you have paid up to we will help you to get this sorted and we may even be able to credit a portion of the money you have paid. If you need to stay a little longer just let us know and we can either roll your agreement on the same terms that you already have or discuss options with you that may better suit your new requirements.

Is short term or long term ok?2015-12-07T19:19:26+13:00


Can I store household items?2016-09-20T00:23:58+13:00

Yes you can. In fact the majority of our customers are residential users. Whether it is to make space for a hobby (or even keep the hobby or sport gear out of the house), clearing out the garage of all those must keep items, or even if it is just while you sell and move house we are here to help. We can give you advice on how to store your best leather lounge suite or other valuable items safely or just how to pack your unit the best way to save buying unnecessary space to save you money. We do have a brief list of things that you are not allowed to store which you can find in these FAQ’s. If you are not sure just contact us here and ask. We will be happy to help.

When can I get access to my unit?2015-12-07T19:13:23+13:00

Depending on your needs we can offer access to your storage unit up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.